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Noise: Anything that distracts us from knowing and living the full potential of who we truly are.

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The Beyond the Noise podcast delivers intimate conversations with authors, educators, business leaders, poets, explorers, teachers and other cultural pioneers who’s work champions the best of the human spirit.

Chess Edwards explores inspiring topics through a deeper understanding of the people who are expanding the leading edge of those topics in creative and compelling ways.

Through knowing the story of a person who is at the heart of a particular body of work, we understand the work itself in a more intimate and engaging way.


I believe that we’re living in a fertile time of human and social development; a time characterized by a growing collective consciousness that celebrates deeper human connections, increased tolerance and acceptance and expanded personal and social awareness.

I feel that it is more important than ever that we create as many spaces as possible for having the imaginative and courageous conversations that invigorate the best within us all as we mindfully cultivate the full positive potential of humanity.

The Beyond The Noise podcast aspires to play it’s part in elevating that collective conversation in an evocative manner that both inspires and educates. The show is for those who care not only about where we are headed as a worldwide community, but how purposefully and attentively we make the journey.

Thanks for listening.