Proactive Transformation – A Conversation with Barry Mangione

Barry-M-TieBarry Mangione

Proactive Transformation.

Today’s conversation is with Barry Mangione, author of “No Easy Answers – A book of life changing questions.”

Today Barry and I dive into an exploration of today’s topic, Proactive Transformation.

How do we proactively transform our lives instead of waiting until some part of our life blows up and we crash and burn before we finally pay attention to what’s tearing our lives apart?

How do we more actively choose what parts of ourselves and our lives we would like to transform rather that being dragged kicking and screaming into more grueling transformative experiences?

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Barry also has his own podcast of the same name: No Easy Answers – and is also a life coach, singer/songwriter musician and martial artist who’s very full life has delivered him to some very deep and dark places of utter despair and has shown him the peaceful freedoms of true happiness.

His book chronicles his journey from a struggling alcoholic suffering from depression, failed relationships, bankruptcy, and other personal pitfalls to the life he now enjoys which is full of art, music, service and promise.

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  1. anthony spagnolo

    Many Thanks to Chess and Barry for this great podcast. I needed to hear these words while entering into the world called being “Sober”!

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