The Host

Host of Beyond the Noise – Chess Edwards


My journey to this podcast

Chess EdwardsI love exploring the endlessly fascinating dynamics of the human condition and then sharing with others what I discover along the way.

While my insatiable curiosity has led me to dive in and swim around in all sorts of different life experiences, it has also led me to reinvent myself more times than I can remember.

I have gotten lost at times along the way and it has often been a challenging journey. But that is part and parcel of a life spent entering into the unknown and exploring the far edges of things, where getting a bit lost is not only easy to do, but I think mandatory for a life fully lived.  I certainly could not do the work I do and help guide others if I had not experienced hardships in my own life.

A Common Thread

As the idea of creating this podcast started to take hold, and the title, “Beyond The Noise” showed up with such resonance, I realized that most everything I’ve ever done has had one common thread.

My most passionate work has always had a strong element of taking big ideas and stripping them down to their most essential nature.

I love the exploration and discovery of un-packing something until it’s core elements can be more easily recognized, understood and put to use in illuminating the life experience.

Basically getting beyond the noise and savoring the core essence at the heart of a thing.

As a photographer exploring cultures through the camera lens, it is about finding the one simple photograph that tells a much bigger and more complex story.

Guiding adventure travel trips around the world is about providing my clients with the opportunity to step away from the distracting noise of their lives and enter invigorating cultures and environments where they can gain fresh perspectives and experience life and themselves in ways that they never have before.

My work training corporate executives and teams is about facilitating the courageous conversations that strip away all the crap that gets in the way of the creative flow and inhibits people from connecting through their shared human experiences.

My coaching and retreat work is about learning how to listen deeply to what our lives have to teach us and removing the confusion, noise and drama that blocks access to our core presence and peace.

The Beyond the Noise podcast continues that thread of navigating to the heart of a thing that, when intimately revealed and truly understood, can powerfully enrich our lives.

Giving more than I possess

Another compelling “why” behind the creation of this podcast is that I’ve always been driven by a desire to explore and learn.

That desire to expand my understanding of the world is primarily so that I can share what I discover with others.

Beyond The Noise provides the opportunity to host a boundless collection of stories, wisdom and insight from those who are leaders in their field of expertise.

In other words, they are seasoned and experienced explorers in worlds where I am just a wide eyed tourist.  It is their stories that I want to help share.

After all is said and done

If after each show, the audience has a richer understanding of the world around them and how they may make the best use of their precious time here in it, then I’ve been of service in helping to make this world a little more fascinating for us all.